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i love this so much

i have this printed out on my wall

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Ok so I’m falling in love with Maria Filatova, this routine is amazing

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This triple…(

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Standing front tuck on beam. Insane!

NCAA Nationals


Nationals starts later today! The first semifinal (featuring Oklahoma, LSU, Michigan, Georgia, Stanford and Illinois) starts at 2pm ET, and the second semifinal is later on at 8pm ET (with Florida, Alabama, UCLA, Utah, Nebraska and Penn State). Super Six takes place tomorrow, with event finals on Sunday. You can find more info on how and where to watch here!


The difference between the building at the beginning versus the building at the end is stressing me out.

Like, how long were they gone? I mean, really. The plaster is gone from the building, that ivy has covered the entire upper part of the building, including the windows. The slope on the side of road is gone and filled in. The trees have filled in overhead. 

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